NetBlok3D™ offers simplicity and professional manifold design tools for sales and application engineers. Design Smart and Intelligent Hydraulic Manifolds. Powerful 3D visualization of manifold internals and connectivity through color-coded cavities and flow paths. No software installation is required. Easily create professional designs on your browser and save them to your desktop.

Why NetBlok3D?


Game Changer

No previous CAD experience needed to quickly bring manifold designs to life with stunning visuals.


Fine-tune 3D visual designs in front of your customer to expedite approval.

Expedite Quoting

Reduce dependency on Design Engineers & Manufacturing.

Reduce Risk and Rework

Process orders using the 3D designs pre-approved by Customers & Engineering. Build price estimates with more confidence and accuracy.

Fast Track Order Fulfillment

Your Design Engineers leverage the preliminary 3D designs to produce Engineering & Manufacturing drawings.

Minimize Misinterpretation

What You See Is What You Get.

Smart Features


Customer Requirements

Precisely translate specifications visually on your 3D manifold block with confidence.

Cavity Library

Navigate to select cavity by manufacturer or standard and drag-and-drop onto any manifold face.

Design & Check

Establish smart connections by color-coded flow network and verify with built-in connectivity & wall-thickness checks.

Share Design

Show-off your design during an online session or create documents to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit the most by using NetBlok3D?
Sales and Application Engineers needing to quickly create and share manifold design layouts with customers and colleagues will benefit the most from NetBlok3D.
Knowledge of hydraulic components and basic cartridge valve geometry is sufficient. CAD knowledge is not necessary.
Designs may be shared with other NetBlok3D or MDTools® users through the VEST Mbxml manifold file format. PDF files of drawings and 3D STEP files may be generated to share with others.
Short, narrated instructional videos are available introducing basic NetBlok3D functionality.
If you are unable to find a cavity or footprint you seek, click the feedback icon and provide details. Our Product Support team will follow-up regarding your request.
No. Designs must be saved to your desktop. However, your working design is temporarily saved and will restore at login if there is a session interruption.
NetBlok3D is useful to create manifold block designs best suited for customer review, buyoff, and generating a quote. Several additional design steps need to be performed and artifacts created before it is ready for manufacture and assembly. MDTools is the perfect companion to NetBlok3D since both save and read the same design Mbxml file - your design engineers will thank you.


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